Gourmet Olive Root Wood (Coarse) Chips

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Aromatic olive root wood chips for smoking meat, poultry & fish.
£19.95 (Inc FREE UK p&p)
2 Ltr Resealable pack

£19.95 (Inc FREE UK p&p)



All our production methods and packaging embrace eco-friendly, sustainable practices and carry the various associated accreditation’s.

  • 100% Natural, uncontaminated & mature olive root wood
  • Hand graded & packed by a family run business
  • Sourced only from world leading Spanish olive oil producing groves
  • Perfect for hot food smoking, outdoor ovens & barbeques.

BBQ Smoking Guide

  1. Soak the Olive Root Wood Chips in hot water for a minimum of 30 minutes
  2. Prepare the barbeque if you are using charcoal
  3. Lightly sprinkle the chips on the hot charcoals
  4. Wait for the flavoursome smoke to appear
  5. Add your food and cook to perfection

Soaking Wood Chips Sprinkling the Olive Wood Chips Flavoursome Smoke Kebabs on the Barbeque BBQ Chicken Kebab

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4 reviews for Gourmet Olive Root Wood (Coarse) Chips

  1. Anna

    First time bbq´d with wood chips won´t be the last. Amazed how so little olive wood chips created sooooo much flavour!!
    Anna (N.Ireland)

  2. Matt and Judy

    We live in the south of Spain for six months of the year and entertain a lot outdoors. We tried olive root wood coarse chips on our conventional barbecue and can say that it transformed the chicken and pork we cooked with an aromatic and smokey flavour.
    Matt and Judy (Bristol & Spain)

  3. Stevey Dee

    Used pre-soaked olive root wood coarse chips and sprinkled them on the hot bbq coals. Once smoking I put good quality beef burgers on the grill for 10 mins, added a few more wood chips and turned the burgers over for another 10 mins. Tasted amazing .
    Stevey Dee (UK)

  4. Allison P

    The Spanish beach bars cook sardines on skewers on the beach over olive wood fires which I love. I tried this at home putting some olive wood chips on my barbecue and it worked reminded me of being on holiday!
    Allison P (UK)

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