The Products

It is our pleasure and privilege to bring the taste of the Mediterranean to you in the form of our specially prepared, sweet, aromatic olive root wood chips and flaked logs. Unlike some other companies, we only use quality root wood because we know flavour and aroma are so important.
We produce olive root wood chips both coarse, and fine for smoking plus larger olive root wood flaked logs for barbecuing, grilling or outdoor ovens. Elevate your outdoor cooking to gourmet level with our olive root wood products.


Coarse olive root wood chips

Coarse Olive Root Chips


Fine olive root wood chips

Fine Olive Root Chips


Large olive root wood flaked logs

Hot & Cold Smoking Methods

Our coarse aromatic olive root wood chips should be used for hot smoking. The fine chips can be used for hot or cold smoking.

Hot Smoking

You smoke and cook the food in a smoker that generally uses charcoal or gas as a fuel onto which you place a metal `smoker box´ filled with pre-soaked Gourmet Olive Root Wood Chips. The temperature is kept at around 100-120 degrees Centigrade or as per the manufacturer´s instructions. Within some smokers is a metal dish to add water or other liquids.

Cold Smoking

With cold smoking the food is NOT actually cooked but smoke flavoured by keeping the temperature below 25 degrees Centigrade. To cold smoke you need to add pre-soaked (Fine) Gourmet Olive Root Wood Chips to the cold smoke generator and IGNITE it as per the manufacturer´s instructions and place it with the food to be smoked in the smoker.

How to Buy

Our Chips and Flaked Logs are available to buy and ship worldwide from our website or from our distributors.